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September 2010


Welcome to the first edition of "From the Desk of Z".

Over the past 4 years, Web Creations By Z has been busy developing and maintaining websites for a growing client base.  An unintended consequence of this success is that it becomes increasingly difficult to keep everyone abreast of new products, strategies, and web related news. 

In This Issue

A cost-effective way to manage this is through a periodic newsletter.  So, in conjunction with launching our email marketing / newsletter service, I took my own advice and "From the Desk of Z" was born. 

Every 4 to 6 weeks you'll be receiving information that can help you get more out of your website, as well as tips you can use for your business or personal life. 

Let me know what you think.  I’d love to hear from you.


Yahoo! and Microsoft Merge Search Marketing (Pay-Per-Click) Services

Quite frankly, in the Search Marketing arena, Google has been beating the pants off of Yahoo! and Microsoft.  The reasons are many: the Google search engine handles more than 60% of all US based internet searches; Google supplies over 70% of all content related ads, and their services provide superior targeting to their rivals. 

Yahoo Search Marketing and Microsoft Ad Center Logos

But if Yahoo! and Microsoft have their way, that will all soon change.  After regulatory approval was received last month, Yahoo! and Microsoft began combining the best of both into a single service.  This merger is expected to be completed by 'the end of fall'. 

As this transtion takes place, client's with current search marketing campaigns may see their ads displayed more frequently as their Yahoo! ads begin to be displayed with Microsoft's Bing search results and in Microsoft's content network. 

Web Creations By Z manages search marketing campaigns through Google AdWords and Yahoo! Search Marketing.  You can learn more about search marketing and pay per click advertising by visiting our website at http://WebCreationsByZ.com/Marketing

If you have questions about pay per click advertising or how the Yahoo!-Microsoft merger affects your ad campaigns, please contact us

Email Marketing

Constant Contact(R)

Email is an effective method for keeping clients informed as well as building brand recognition and credibility.  Web Creations By Z is happy to announce that we are teaming with Constant Contact to provide our clients the ability to leverage this powerful tool. 

Web Creations By Z can set up html formatted mailings, like this one, and tie them into your website and social media accounts.  Posting relevant content from your newsletter on your site can be a great way of adding keyword rich, searchable content to your site. 

As a Constant Contact Solutions Provider, Web Creations By Z can provide as much, or as little, help as you need.  From setting things up and assisting when needed to running the whole show.  We can create a custom style to match your website, or have us customize one of the many templates available.  You also get fully automated signup/Unsubscribe functions and all the statistics you could possibly want, for an affordable price.  Visit our website at http://WebCreationsByZ.com/EmailMarketing for more details. 

SEO Tip of the Day [SEO - Search Engine Optimization]

Although simple changes may be able to greatly improve the search ranking for some websites, there is no single magic SEO bullet.  One SEO training manual published in 2008 lists 118 different factors considered to determine a page’s ranking for a given keyword or phrase.  Of course some are more important than others and Google has always maintained that content is the most important factor. 

This issue's tip: put yourself in your customer’s shoes.  If they were searching for someone who supplies your product or services, what words or phrases would they use in their search?  Ask your customers or friends as they would be more likely to use common every day terms than someone involved in the business on a daily basis. 

Now that you have the list, focus on the top two or three.  Are these words and phrases used on your landing page and in a meaningful way throughout your website?  Do you have a content-rich page or section devoted to that topic?  If not, you may be missing out on the most important factor.  For help with this and other SEO tips, contact Web Creations By Z.  We can help your site get noticed. 


Logo - Harleysville Networking Group

Web Creations By Z is a member of the Harleysville Networking Group, a chapter of BNI.  The Harleysville Networking Group provides a structured and supportive system of giving and receiving business.  It provides an environment for developing personal relationships with dozens of other qualified business professionals.  The referrals that group members provided have been instrumental in the success of Web Creations By Z to date. 

If you could benefit from this type of networking and word-of-mouth referrals, consider asking me about the group or attending a meeting to see what it’s all about.  You can find more information and a list of our current members at WebCreationsByZ.com/About_Affiliations

Logo - Monarch Tax and Business Solutions

Taxes in October ?!?

Not many people think about their taxes this time of year, but here's the deal.  Chris Ployd, a CPA and the owner of Monarch Tax and Business Solutions in Lansdale, is willing to review your 2009 tax return. If he can't save you anything, the review and advice are free. If he can save you money by refiling, then he'll do so and take his fee out of what he's saved you. 

I used to use TurboTax to do my own taxes, but Chris saved me hundreds of dollars above and beyond his fees.  Did I mention that he's a Certified Public Accountant that does this year-round... unlike the uncertified part-timers that work for many tax services... and his rates are about the same.  So basically this is a "can’t lose" situation for those of you who do-it-yourself, use one of those national tax services, or just wonder if your accountant is getting it right. 

Chris Ployd, CPA - Monarch Tax and Business Solutions - 267-263-2901   Tell him Dj sent you! 

Hope you enjoyed our first issue of "From the Desk of Z". 

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