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Web Creations By Z was founded in 2006.  Although Web Creations By Z is a relatively new company in the local web development arena, it's founder, David J. Stover, has been professionally developing software since 1979.  Dj Consulting at Eli LillyOver that time, he has been involved with the development and implementation of over 50 corporate application systems as well as the maintenance and enhancement of many others.  His extensive experience includes time as a consultant working for Fortune 500 clients developing small independent subsystems used by management for decision support, to working for a single employer as a member of a team working on major core application and data warehousing systems using Oracle.  Immediately prior to entering the web development arena, Dave held the position of Senior Database Administrator specializing in application design and development using Oracle and PL-SQL.

From defining requirements and system design... through coding, testing, and documentation... to system administration and maintenance, Dave has been involved with most all aspects of software development.  With this experience, he brings an organized, structured, and practical approach to software development ensuring flexible and maintainable code that meets the client's needs.

Abbreviated Resume
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2006-???? Web Creations by Z

Owner - The design, development, maintenance, and implementation of websites and web based applications for clients.  Also provided development services on a consulting basis for other local web developers. 

1987-2005 IMS Health

Oracle Database Administrator (1997-2005) - Application design, development, and data management in a UNIX server and Windows client environment.  Systems ranged from warehousing applications processing millions of transactions a week to independent data marts supporting web based applications.

Project Lead (1991-1996, 2001) - In addition to development duties in a multi-platform environment, negotiated and documented functional and data requirements with the clients; designed and wrote detailed specifications for other team members; and coordinated activities across functional development groups.

Software Engineer (1987-1992) - developed, implemented, and maintained pharmaceutical market research applications.

1982-1987 Computer Task Group

Consultant - designed and deployed custom decision support subsystems.  Included data collection and reporting functionality.  Clients: Bell Atlantic, Bethlehem Steel, GE, and RJR Nabisco among others.

1982-1982 Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Bachelor of Science with honors in Computer Science.

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