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Ever consider advertising on Yahoo!, Google, or Bing? 

Just submitting your optimized web site to the various search engines is often not enough to drive a steady stream of new visitors to your web site.  Depending on what role you need your web site to play, you may wish to increase traffic to your site using pay-per-click advertising. 

Pay-per-click is a unique advertising tool in that it targets only people that are already actively looking for the goods and services that you provide.  Advertisers bid on individual keywords (search terms) and their ads are displayed along with the organic search results.  The more you agree to pay per click for a specific keyword and the more effective your ad, the higher your site will rank in the paid search results. 

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How Pay Per Click Advertising Works

A successful Pay-Per-Click advertising campaign will increase the volume of quality traffic to your web site.  Quality traffic, because these people are literally searching for what you have to offer. 

Pay Per Click Advertising can be very cost effective as well.  Although your ad may be displayed thousands of times, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad.  You can even geographically target your campaign.  In addition, a daily limit can be established to insure adherence to your budget... and there’s no long term contracts to worry about. 

Web Creations by Z has effectively managed campaigns for several of our clients, increasing the number of visitors and number of contacts, generated by their web site.  As with our website development, we use a structured approach that starts with defining your goals and includes: 

  • Research and recommendations on keywords and bid pricing
  • Ad creation matched to the appropriate landing page
  • Ad submission including geographical and budget management controls
  • Monthly performance reporting
  • Periodic analysis and adjustments based on the client’s goals and budget

Contact us today and learn how Web Creations By Z can get your site more quality traffic. 

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