Additional Services

Hosting with Email Support

At Web Creations By Z, we match our clients with the hosting package that best serves their needs.  Our basic package runs on Linux and can easily handle the needs of most small businesses, including most of our content managed web sites It comes with generous storage and transfer allotments as well as database support (MySQL). 

For those that already have a web site or a hosting agreement, we can usually use your current provider or point your domain name to our hosting area. 

We also offer email support using your domain name.  Doesn’t sound a lot better than  Separate email accounts by employee, or function, or whatever makes most sense for your situation.  Best yet, you can access your email using a web-based interface, you can have it forwarded to your current email address, or you can access it using standard email clients like Outlook or Eudora. 

Maintenance & Enhancements

Companies represent themselves to the internet community through their web sites.  Think of your web site as a low-cost, electronic, customer service representative who should be well versed and up-to-date, so that your customers can get the information they require.  Maintaining your web site is essential for keeping your web site current and your visitors informed. 

Businesses adapt their products, services, and marketing to meet the ever changing needs of their potential customers.  It just follows then that their web site should be updated on a timely basis to reflect these changes.  It may be a simple modification, like updating product information, or adding details about a special offer.  It may be something more, like adding a complete section to support a new product or program you’re offering. 

Web Creations By Z offers a variety of maintenance packages with each web site we develop and can make enhancements to existing web sites.  For Web sites that change often, we recommend one of our custom content managed solutions to reduce the time and cost associated with frequent updates.  

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