Content Managed Websites

Our content managed websites allow our clients to update selected portions of their website directly through a custom, password-protected interface.  The applications of this concept are as varied as are the businesses and organizations that use them. 

Here are some of the benefits of a content managed site: 

Fresh Content 

- Whether information appearing on a single page or information throughout the site, by keeping the content fresh and meaningful, visitors are more likely to bookmark your site and return to see what’s new in the future. 

- What’s hot tomorrow may not have even been invented today.  A content managed website allows you to quickly modify content to be responsive to the ever changing business landscape.  This can help your site with the search engines as well.  Sites with regularly updated content are often crawled by the search engines more frequently, getting new content and keywords indexed quicker. 

Dynamic Capabilities 

- Whole categories, or even pages, can be added on the fly with the site’s navigation updated automatically to reflect any changes. 

User Friendly Interface 

- To many, the internet, html, and other aspects can be intimidating.  We develop custom user interfaces that are user friendly and easy to learn.  That way, clients can update the selected aspects of their sites without fear. 

Accurate, Up-to-date information 

A.T.Williams Art manages their news, schedule, and gallery through a custom interface designed by Web Creations By Z

- Running a special or changing prices this week?  Get it on your site quickly, without involving your webmaster. 

- Great for artists and performers who wish to manage their list of upcoming appearances, or highlight awards and publications featuring their work.  Updating the site through a custom interface is quick, cost effective, and keeps you in control of your web site. 

- Organizations, such as sports leagues, can manage schedule changes and cancellations on-line.  Since the updated information is on the site is immediately, there’s no need for the tedious process of calling everyone on a phone list.  You even have the option to automatically send notification by email. 

What can a content managed website do for you or your organization?  Contact Web Creations By Z today for a free consultation and put our years of software development experience to work for you. 

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