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At Web Creations By Z, our Flexible Development Methodology is based on a structured approach used for years to create commercial grade software.  But flexibility is the key.  A basic web site doesn’t require the same controls required to build a dynamic 40-page database driven website with a content management facility... nor should it be burdened with the same overhead. 

Our structured methodology is flexible and can be adjusted to fit the scope of almost any size project.  For complex projects, the documentation and review process becomes very detailed.  For smaller projects, the methodology becomes streamlined allowing more of our time to be spent on development.  With well defined controls and checkpoints, our development methodology helps assure that our custom website development meets the demands of our clients.

Step 1Information Gathering and Research

At Web Creations By Z, we believe that the better we understand our client’s needs the more satisfied our client’s will be with their website.  That’s why we start off by learning more about your business, your target audience, and what you want to achieve with your website. 

We start the development process by providing clients with our Website Planning Guide and follow that up with by a free consultation.  The Website Planning Guide contains a series of questions, covering a wide range of topics, designed to get our clients thinking about various aspects of their project.  The client’s answers, and subsequent questions, highlight areas that may require additional attention. 

This process allows us to understand and document the requirements for the site and how the content will be created.  These requirements are reviewed with the client, along with our written estimate.

Step 2Sample MockupsDesign - Content, Function, and Aesthetics

Once the requirements for the site have been defined, the individual elements can be more formally designed.  The organization of a website is often dependent on the content and functionality required, to facilitate the visitor finding information or performing a desired task.  Although the areas below must be integrated, development of each can be somewhat independent.

Content Design - The content of the site is comprised of the text, logos, images, and graphics that make up the site.  The content can be supplied by the client, produced by Web Creations By Z, or both; which will be defined in the project requirements.  In many cases this becomes a shared responsibly with the client supplying logos, text they’ve written, brochures or other marketing materials.  Often these materials make a good start, with additional information provided through research and client interviews.  site flow

Functional Design - Every business and organization has unique needs.  Some only require a basic website and little else.  Others require their site to be database driven with an interface to allow the personnel to update information directly... maybe a members-only section or some other specific functionality.  How a visitor interacts with this functionality, is often important to the success of a site. 

Aesthetic Design - If you choose to have Web Creations by Z design the style of your website, we’ll create mock-ups like those shown here, that include the general layout of each type of page and function, the navigation system, and key design elements.  The style of these mockups will be related to the message you want to convey, your company’s current materials, or specified in the Requirements Document.  If you’re on a tight budget, Web Creations by Z will even work with most ’store bought’ website templates and modify them for use with your site.

In addition to website development, Web Creations by Z can also register your domain name and hosted with email support.  Should you choose to use this service, the process to register your domain name and host your email will begin as soon as the Requirements Document and Estimate have been approved, usually allowing you to use your new email addresses within 24 hours. 

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Step 3Website Development and Testing

Testing Graywolf Designs Website

This is where the theme or style is woven together with the Content and functional layout in a web presentable format.  Once components are completed, they’ll be checked to insure that spelling is correct, links send users to the requested page, functions perform their respective tasks, and that website’s style has been properly applied. 

During development, components of the site will be available for viewing on a non-public domain hosted by Web Creations by Z, allowing you to see our progress and interact with the development process.  Throughout the development process, we test the site using most popular browsers available for Windows and Mac OSX to insure that everything looks and functions properly. 

Sample MockupsOptionally, if the client does not have a site, a temporary home page can be published allowing search engines to begin collecting information about the soon-to-be-published site. 

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Step 4Site Launch

Once all the components are assembled and approved by you, we're ready to publish your website for the world to see!  When we publish your website we'll provided details to Google, Yahoo!, MSN, and other search engines.

Just because your site is launched doesn't mean the job is done.  If you wish, Web Creations by Z will monitor your site and be there if you need assistance.  Web Creations by Z can even assist you with promoting your website through Search Engine Marketing and printed materials featuring your website's address through our affiliates at Graywolf Designs.

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Step 5Enhancements and Support (Optional)

With years of experience in Software Development, Web Creations by Z understands that software has a life of it's own.  As your business adapts to new situations, your website should be able to adjust as well.  The combination of structured coding techniques and our design methodology helps insure a site that will be easier to modify to fit your changing business requirements.  As with initial site development, the work will be available for your review on the Web Creations by Z website and only published with your approval.

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